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Create Your Own Variety Pack – 3 oz. Honey

Bee Squared is a small chemical free apiary specializing in award-winning local varietal and infused honeys. Our bees are all carefully managed and diligently maintained to provide you with the finest in honey.

Honey is the only food without a shelf life so it NEVER goes bad. Our honeys are raw. This means that they are not heated and also means that they will crystallize over time. Gently heat your honey in a warm water bath if you prefer it liquid.

Thank you for supporting sustainable beekeeping with your purchase. Enjoy your variety pack and remember Bee Squared and taste why we truly are…exponentially better.


Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1.875 × 3 in
SKU VPCO Category Tag

Coming Soon!

Health from the Hive Collection

honey lip balm

Including Propolis Tincture and Lip Balm

Custom Labeling Available

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