Bee Squared Apiaries





Wedding Favors, Corporate Swag, Gifts


The Bee Squared Standard: chemical-free local honey from 3 Northern Colorado counties. A variety of sizes and types for every occasion. Choose between Colorado Alfalfa/Wildflower, Clover, California Orange Blossom, and Wisconsin cranberry.

The 3oz. and 5 oz. jars are perfect for wedding favors, corporate swag, and gifts. The larger Holiday Wrap jars make great individual gifts.

We also sell in bulk!

Bee Squared honey is available wholesale to local Colorado craft brewers. Beer, mead, liquor, and jun are some of the brewed beverages that benefit from Bee Squared's honey. 

Food Manufacturers and Chefs

Bee Squared honey can be used to make your granola, BBQ sauce, and treats. You're limited only by your imagination!


Beeswax Candles



Accentuate Any Home


Bee Squared Apiaries makes beautiful hand-rolled beeswax candles that burn with a clean white flame. It is smokeless and dripless when kept out of a breeze. Made from unscented beeswax, they create negative ions which help remove airborne contaminants.


Give the Gift of Gentle and Pure Soap

These all-natural, long-lasting soaps smell wonderful, make a terrific lather and are gentle on your skin. They are made with all natural ingredients derived without chemical synthesis. Beautiful bars that look great, smell great and work great. Try some today!

If you could smell them, you would stock up right now!

Looking for an unscented soap? Try our goat milk bar with oatmeal.

The CedarwoodEucalyptus and Honey and Mint scents are more masculine than the others and make great stocking stuffers for all the men in your family.

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Beth Unplugged

Bee Squared's Beth Conrey explains how ecosystem biodiversity and worldwide food production are connected, which are both anchored by a healthy bee population.

Do you need an engaging speaker on bees or native pollinators? If so, I can help. I speak on a variety of topics relating to honey bees, native bees and pesticide use. I charge a small fee for speaking in addition to travel expenses.