Wedding Favors, Corporate Swag, Gifts


The Bee Squared Standard: chemical-free local honey from 3 Northern Colorado counties. A variety of sizes and types for every occasion. Choose between Colorado Alfalfa/Wildflower, Clover, California Orange Blossom, and Wisconsin cranberry.

The 3oz. and 5 oz. jars are perfect for wedding favors, corporate swag, and gifts. The larger Holiday Wrap jars make great individual gifts.

We also sell in bulk!

Bee Squared honey is available wholesale to local Colorado craft brewers. Beer, mead, liquor, and jun are some of the brewed beverages that benefit from Bee Squared's honey. 

Food Manufacturers and Chefs

Bee Squared honey can be used to make your granola, BBQ sauce, and treats. You're limited only by your imagination!