Honey Wedding Sayings

  1. How sweet it is that you could celebrate with us.

  2. The sweetest way to end the sweetest day.

  3. Sweets from the sweethearts.

  4. Love is like honey. So much sweeter when it's shared.

  5. May the sweetness of this day fill our lives forever.

  6. Meant to Bee Together. Thanks for sharing in the happiness.

  7. How sweet are thy words unto my taste!

  8. Two Shall Bee As One.

  9. Sweet Beginnings!

  10. Life is a flower of which love is the honey.

  11. Meant to Bee

  12. True Love sticks together!

  13. "How sweet it is to BEE loved by you..."

  14. Loving my hunny!

  15. Two Shall Bee as One
    Bride & Groom
    Wedding Date
    Sweet Beginnings!

  16. True Love sticks together
    Bride & Groom
    Wedding Date
    Thanks for Bee-ing here today

  17. Love is buzzing!